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By Robert Ellis

Tax Strategy Powerhouse.

Ellis is not your dad’s CPA firm. It’s a creative, tax strategy powerhouse. We are among the vanguard of a of a new breed of cutting edge, creative, high performance virtual firms disrupting the tax & accounting industry with tax strategies, dedicated specialists & powerful cloud based technologies from our home in the cloud. 

Real relationships start on a foundation of results, not backslapping promises. At Ellis, we produce results. Our primary focus is cutting taxes, not by pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but through effective tax strategies that deliver tax savings year after year. First we listen & learn, then we mix & match. We stop when we can’t cut tax further. Everything we do, we do well & effectively.

How do you know if your CPA is doing a good job?

You don’t.

But you will with us. We look beyond the organizer & dig deeper into your personal & business circumstances than your average. We mix and match what we find with the law & your goals and to arrive at that one  tax strategies that will cut your tax to the legal minimum and make your business hum like a top. Update it every year keep your strategies at the cutting edge of current. Don’t leave money laying on the table. Come all the way up to Ellis. Tax Strategists.

Something we’ve noticed.

Businesses are complex systems. I have advised complex business systems from the Global 500 to the corner drugstore for decades, & I’ve observed as other professionals advised them. One thing became clear, there’s a difference between someone who will make a business better, and someone who will make it worse.

Most professionals make businesses worse by unintentionally obstructing their efforts rather than advancing their goals. Businesses often succeed despite the best efforts of their paid professionals. See “Steve Jobs was right.”

Best regards.
Robert Ellis
Ellis CPA
(888) 241-5040

”The cowards never started & the weak died along the way …” (Nike founder Phil Knight) 

“There are companies that work hard to charge you more, and there are companies that work hard to charge you less.” (Bezos.) 

“Apparently Steve Jobs just smiled and said: “I am going to wait for the next big thing.”


  • Graduated valedictorian
  • Graduated highest from college
  • Biggest & best CPA firm/elite consultancy
  • 2 Fortune 500 C suites.
  • Attempted to LBO my employer
  • Candidate for Congress
  • Private practice
  • Big 5 Accounting
  • Big 5 Consulting
  • Fortune 500 Exec
  • Private practice
  • Top % IQ
  • Top % Aptitude
  • Been everywhere
  • Done everything
  • Wall Street Journal Achievement Award
  • Citation for Excellence
  • Presidential Citation
  • CPA
  • CGMA
  • Elite Performer

Hilary Soria, COO, Co-Founder