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By Robert Ellis

We are America’s premier tax strategist, beating the odds & making it easier to cut tax & succeed. Did you know only 1 biz in 10,000 grows large (SBA)? Our tax strategy & scaling services will improve those odds.

TAX STRATEGY. We will cut your taxes. We cut tax for 99% of private biz & their owners. In the last eight years we saved millions of dollars for thousands of biz. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as cash, profits & competitive advantage created out of thin air. You can’t scale if you’re wasting dollars on tax.

SCALING. One biz in 10,000 grows statistically large (SBA). Long odds. Hard work. Nobody scales by mistake. Our approach is the quantum physics of management. Our service package provides methods, systems & solutions to guide you step by step through the entire process.

Service Package
Federal tax strategies
State tax strategies
International tax strategies
Scaling by intent
Corporate structures
Stock plans
Ownership structures
Cash acceleration strategies
Staffing, Scaling & Execution strategies
Thought leader
Traditional accounting services

TRUST. Ellis CPA is the first of a new breed of high performance, cloud based virtual firms; disrupting the tax & advisory professions from our home in the cloud; replacing mediocre talent with dedicated specialists, systems and powerful cloud based technologies. You will never outgrow us. We have to a world-wide network of talented professionals.

We are a talented, high intellect firm with deep expertise in our service areas. See the definitive study on human performance, below. Trustworthy & reliable.

Genius intellect
4+ decades experience

Ellis CPA
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Since 1993

COMFORT. Don’t worry. We’ll make you comfortable. The first half of my career was spent with the largest tax & consulting firm in the world & two Fortune 500 C suites. I led the team that introduced digital transactions into the marketplace. Scaled like a rocket.


“This is the CPA I’ve been looking for my entire life.”

“Robert excels in helping folks like myself structure our businesses in the most beneficial way while minimizing audit triggers.”

“Bob and his team are a pleasure to work with. They are efficient, courteous, polite and hyper-organized. They steered me (a financial illiterate starting his own company) through the process proactively and gently, slowly getting me a comprehensive strategic framework in which to maximise my operations. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

My personal Story

My personal story starts in a ski town high in the Rocky Mountains where I lived a storybook life. In the years from 18 to 25 when all the awards are given out, I received a ton of them. I was entrepreneurial in nature, but I got my training in the corporate world, beginning with the largest CPA firm in the world and ended after trying to LBO my international bankcard employer. In between I did all the big corporate stuff. I managed multiple departments, attended board meetings, negotiated contracts, negotiated interdepartmental conflicts, drafted contracts, brought disruptive new products to market, developed innovative tax strategies, accounting practices & reports that today are SOP in the Global 500, participated in corporate planning & strategy, maintained connections with outside companies and shot continuously up the organization chart to the C suite.

When the LBO fell through, I took a couple of years off to run for Congress and found myself in rural Colorado where I founded this practice. Fortunately, the internet was becoming a thing and we used it to grow our firm into a national presence.

Ellis is a meaningful firm operating at a level of service, efficiency & results unmatched in the industry; staffed with ten or twelve in house people and more in the ether. We are highly automated, taking advantage of anything that will help us be more efficient. We deliver real value in our areas of expertise. Plus we provide traditional accounting services done well. It’s been our experience that finding someone to do any of that well is very difficult, if not impossible.

I personally do the tax strategies and review every tax return. Neither I nor our COO prepare any returns. We develop strategy. In addition, we have a talented staff that does the heavy lifting. We also have an extensive review process. You can train a monkey to prepare tax returns, but not to do them well. We have found the review process is the answer to delivering a premium product properly reflecting our tax planning and tax strategies.

I have been at this for more than forty years, which is one of the reasons we outperform other firms. My intention is to practice for another ten to twelve years before handing the reins to my COO Hilary Soria and the rest of my staff. They are capable of handling it now. They’ll be more capable then.

My tax strategies cut tax to the legal minimum. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as cash, profits & competitive advantage created out of thin air.


Since computers were invented, each year tax law becomes more complex. Every tax bill is more complex than the last one. The Tax Reform & Jobs bill wasn’t even written for people to read & understand, it was written for computers. Increasing tax complexity plays right into our business model because we rely on complexity to cut taxes. We don’t stray into the dreaded grey area. We stay right smack dab in the middle of tax code, and avoid controversial, untested, un-litigated approaches.

Nationally known for tax strategy.


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Robert Ellis, CEO, Founder


  • Graduated valedictorian
  • Graduated highest from college
  • Biggest & best CPA firm/elite consultancy
  • 2 Fortune 500 C suites.
  • Attempted to LBO my employer
  • Candidate for Congress
  • Private practice
  • Big 5 Accounting
  • Big 5 Consulting
  • Fortune 500 Exec
  • Private practice
  • Top % IQ
  • Top % Aptitude
  • Been everywhere
  • Done everything
  • Wall Street Journal Achievement Award
  • Citation for Excellence
  • Presidential Citation
  • CPA
  • CGMA

Hilary Soria, COO, Co-Founder