Deep Domain Expertise

The high point of human potential


Our expertise sets us apart from competitors.

Intellect + Experience = Expertise

Expertise is developed over long years slogging in the trenches of a profession or a trade from every angle every level and every perspective. If you choose great landing spots in your career, you end up an expert. If you don’t, you’re just a dodderin* old fool.

I have a national reputation for tax strategy, business & ownership structures, systems and thought leadership. Our clients outperform all other businesses in these areas, including tax where it’s easily measured. In all these areas we save more than we cost, in both money & headaches.

Expertise in tax strategy, systems, corporate structure & ownership structure.



Big 5 Accounting Firm | Elite Consultancy | Fortune 500 | Power Politics | Private Practice

Experience is the essence of competence. Nearly 5 decades of hands on, battleground experience at all levels & in every nook & cranny of the market place. I started with the biggest & best cpa firm in the world. From there to the largest consulting firm and two Fortune 500 C suites before attempting to LBO my employer and running for Congress. When the dust cleared I founded this practice serving privately owned businesses. The internet was becoming a big deal & we bounced off that to grow our practice into a national practice with clients in 46 states.

Today we are disrupting the tax industry with innovative use of systems.

Ellis is not your dad’s CPA firm. We’re the first of a new breed of high performance virtual firms disrupting the tax profession with technology, systems and procedures. Powerful cloud based technologies create virtual offices making it easier for a distributed workforce to work as a team. Practicing nationally. Clients in 46 states. We are a one stop shop for complex services such as tax strategy, intricate tax returns, entity selection & structural, ownership or organizational issues, etc.

Corporate Career

Big 5 accounting firm
Big 5 consultancy
C-Suite positions at two Fortune 500 companies
Attempted to LBO global employer
Ran for Congress
Private practice
Clients in 46 states
See LinkedIn for career details.

Recognized & honored by the Wall Street Journal, the United States Congress & author Harvey MacKay. The biggest feather in my cap is this, I introduced digital electronic transactions to the American marketplace when I put a magnetic stripe on the back of charge cards, encoded them and shipped them out to cardholders, while simultaneously dropping cash terminals into shopping centers and parking lots.

Thought Leadership

Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success.

As thought leader:

(1) First to recognize private biz pay more tax than the law requires.
(2) Ellis Law of Human Performance. First to recognize the outlier impact on human performance.
(3) Disrupting the tax profession.
(4) Among first to recognize transition from talent to systems.
(5) First to recognize the sea change in US tax policy.
(6) First to recognize Trump strategy.

See Case Study 1 .

Interesting Quotes

“There exists a form of power and intelligence that represents the high point of human potential. This is the source of the greatest achievements and discoveries in history. This is mastery. Most of us experience flashes. Some of us develop it into a life long ability.”
― Robert Greene, Mastery

“The problem we face is that this form of power and intelligence is either ignored as a subject of study or is surrounded by all kinds of myths and misconceptions, all of which only add to the mystery. We imagine that creativity and brilliance just appear out of nowhere, the fruit of natural talent, or perhaps of a good mood, or an alignment of the stars. It would be an immense help to clear up the mystery—to name this feeling of power, to examine its roots, to define the kind of intelligence that leads to it, and to understand how it can be manufactured and maintained. Let us call this sensation mastery—the feeling that we have a greater command of reality, other people, and ourselves.”
― Robert Greene, Mastery.