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Big 5 Accounting Firm | Elite Consultancy | Fortune 500 | Power Politics | Private Practice

Experience is the essence of competence. Four + decades of hands on, battleground experience at all levels & in every nook & cranny of the market place. I started with the biggest & best cpa firm in the world. From there to the largest consulting firm and two Fortune 500 C suites before attempting to LBO my employer and running for Congress. When the dust cleared I founded this practice serving privately owned businesses. The internet was becoming a big deal & we bounced off that to grow our practice into a national practice with clients in 46 states.

Ellis is not your dad’s CPA firm. We’re the first of a new breed of high performance virtual firms disrupting the tax profession with technology, systems and procedures. Powerful cloud based technologies create virtual offices making it easier for a distributed workforce to work as a team. Practicing nationally. Clients in 46 states. We are a one stop shop for complex services such as tax strategy, intricate tax returns, entity selection & structural, ownership or organizational issues, etc.

Corporate Career

Big 5 accounting firm
Big 5 consultancy
C-Suite positions at two Fortune 500 companies
Attempted to LBO global employer
Ran for Congress
Private practice
Clients in 46 states
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Recognized & honored by the Wall Street Journal, the United States Congress & author Harvey MacKay. The biggest feather in my cap is this, I introduced digital electronic transactions to the American marketplace when I put a magnetic stripe on the back of charge cards, encoded them and shipped them out to cardholders, while simultaneously dropping cash terminals into shopping centers and parking lots.