21st Century Crises

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Five 21st Century Crises

A Thought Leadership Article from Ellis

Crisis Number One.
“The odds against growing large are 10,000 to 1.” Reported by SBA.

Crisis Number Two.
There are only two kinds of businesses, succeeding or failing. Most are failing. Successful companies are so unusual the don’t even register on the charts. 10,000 to 1.

Crisis Number Three.
“Privately owned firms pay more tax at higher rates than the Global 500.” Reported by the GAO, the IRS & HuffPo in 2016.

Crisis Number Four.
Most professionals do not make businesses better; they make them worse.

Crisis Number Five.
Firms succeeded despite the best efforts of their paid professionals.

Crisis Number Six.
The default practice among tax practitioners is slapping the same old numbers on the same old forms year after year.  The practice is so widespread it has TWO acronyms – SALY, Same As Last Year & JLLY, Just Like Last Year. Three Links Here.