We are redefining the professional services industry.

Ellis is not your dad’s CPA firm. We’re the first of a new breed of high performance virtual firms with clients in 46 states, a distributed workforce, a host of happy clients nationwide & a national reputation for tax strategy. We are a one stop shop for complex services such as structural or organizational issues, entity structure, ownership structure, grants, options, convertible notes, disruption, etc.

I & our COO have the high level experience to be great mentors. However, I’ve discovered, some people are mentorable, and some aren’t. We are looking for those that are.

My corporate career began with the biggest & best CPA firm in the world, included C suite positions with two Fortune 500’s and ended with an ill fated attempt to LBO my employer. I didn’t want to go back into big Corporate, so I ran for Congress and then started this firm.

We’re adept at long distance relationships, internet relationships, email relationships. I was just complimented on our client coordinator by a hiring consultant. He said he’s hired and placed a number of CEO assistants, and our client coordinator was as good as any of them. Our permanent, local staff of ten to twelve are exceptional at turning out great work, efficiently & agreeably.