Tax Strategy for the Wealthy

Robert Ellis 11/04/2019

Here's one, convert income to long term capital gains.

The trick is in the technique, not the idea. Everyone knows that's a tax saver. but few know how to accomplish it. But, if you get the paperwork right, anything is possible. The USA is the land of opportunity.

It is possible to get rich in the US. And it is possible to preserve your wealth over generations. And it is simply not that easy anywhere else. Everything from the founding fathers to the current day follows this pattern of 'anything is possible' in the US, including the tax code. (Read Key Tax Doctrine.) But, let's be clear. If you're just clipping coupons, I can advise you, but there's very few actions that can cut your tax. But, if you're still our there churning up the waters, making transactions, I can make a difference in current income tax from existing operations.