Client Service

Robert Ellis 07/02/2019

  • Great service is a winner.
  • Decent service is invisible.
  • Lousy service is a killer.

The $64,000 question.

Are we an anomaly? We have clients in 46 states & 7 countries. The $64,000 question is, why did they come halfway across the country to work with us? They won't go halfway across the country to be ignored; they won't go halfway across the country to buy what they can buy at home; but they will go halfway across the country for better service & better results than they can get anywhere else.

Your brand is what you do, not what you say.

If we didn't pay enough attention to keep clients comfortable & satisfied, they wouldn't keep us in business. Today service is ingrained in our culture. You can't advertise your way into success any longer. Without great service, marketing is a waste of time.

Today, the consumer runs the show. And we love it that way.

Our Rapid Response Service is the best customer service in the world, and it’s built on the five pillars of Empathy, Satisfaction, Listening, Patience, Caring, Advice & Response

  1. Importance = Establishing their significance.
  2. Empathy = Establishing understanding & concern.
  3. Listen & learn = Pay attention.
  4. Patience = Don’t give them the bum’s rush.
  5. Caring = Establishing concern.
  6. Advice = Answer their questions & solve their problems.
  7. Satisfaction = service is ultimately about the customer.

The Big Picture

Everything you do with Customers should enhance Customer perception of your technology and your expertise. They have to believe that you are their head start. Businesses that excel at customer service can survive & thrive without a commercially viable product. Mix in a viable product and you may be a unicorn.

  • Tax services
  • Tax strategy
  • Federal tax
  • State tax 
  • Interstate tax
  • International tax
  • Intellectual property 
  • Business structures 
  • Immigrate foreign companies
  • R&D credits
  • Tax controversy 
  • Tax audit
  • Timely Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Secure Web Portal 
  • Penalty abatement 
  • Avoid penalties 
  • We will structure your business for tax advantage
  • We will structure your business to protect vital business assets
  • We will structure your business for greater maneuverability
  • We will structure your business to pivot on a dime without consequence
  • A great structure achieves myriad valuable goals easily and effortlessly.
  • A bad structure constantly interferes with business goals & exposes your vital assets to lawsuits & litigation.
  • A bad structure is a trap because it’s inflexible, cumbersome & poorly conceived.
  • A bad structure adds to tour tax burden.
  • A bad structure puts all assets at risk needlessly.
  • A bad structure is a lead weight around your shoulders.
  • A bad structure makes it more difficult to survive & thrive in a competitive environment
  • Trade secrets 
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights 
  • Patents
  • Web sites
  • Customer database
  • Social media accounts
  • Business Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Data driven management
  • Capture & interpret critical operating data
  • CFO service
  • Streamline & simplify
  • Cash management
  • Remote office
  • Management financial statements
  • Compiled financial statements
  • The winner of tomorrow’s customers will be the businesses that reach the right destination at the right time. 
  • Today, customer attention is harder to maintain, loyalty easier to lose and customer demands getting tougher. (McKinsey.)
  • How much better, faster or smarter could you do what you do? 

Customer-focus can be defined as putting customers at the center of everything. According to Bain, there are six elements that must be present to achieve great customer experience. Theee study reveals what B2B customers value. There’s no surprises here, but I have a slightly different take. Find link to the original below this list. 

  • Vision - a business who knows where they’re going provides welcome leadership about their expertise.
  • Hope - hope means you can rely on them to still be here next year.
  • Social responsibility - overrated.
  • Network expansion - growing influence is reassuring you made the right decision.
  • Marketability - a basic necessity.
  • Reputational assurance - brand awareness trumps reputation.
  • Design & aesthetics - often primary reason for buying.
  • Growth & development - another sign you made the right decision.
  • Reduced worry & anxiety - the opposite is a killer.
  • Fun & perks - better than drab & boring, but not by much.
  • Time savings - time counts. Delays can kill a relationship.
  • Reduced effort - less work =  less time = more profit.
  • Availability - on the shelf vs wait.
  • Responsiveness - the opposite is a killer. 
  • Expertise - Consider the opposite.

I discovered an article on Bain that struck me as good advice, so I decided to amplify it by adding my own ideas. Bain works exclusively for big internationals, and I work exclusively for privately owned companies. As far as I know, there is no overlap there.