The difference we make depends on the talented, passionate, engaged and experienced people who serve our clients.

We are always on the lookout for those rare individuals who bring analytical rigor human touch to everything we do. The often complex challenges we & our clients face demand people with expertise, experience and a empathetic human touch to bring a pleasant, joyous touch to everything they do.


Great businesses make unique contributions to everything they touch, and brings its great talent to everything conversation, it's work, and everything it does. If it were disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, it would leave a gaping hole that no other firm could fill.We do many things that no other firm does, and many are not even capable of doing. You are in good hands with Ellis.

At Ellis, we communicate complex topics with simplistic clarity. Strategists need to be able to talk so everyone can understand. Communication is Job # ONE at Ellis, in person, on the phone, verbally and non-verbally,

My background.

  • Big 5 accounting firm.
  • Big 5 consulting firm.
  • Two Fortune 500 C-suites.
  • Private practice.

We don't do the busy work. We leave that to you, but it’s often not required. From what I've learned, the advice we give you is significantly more valuable than what we charge for it. At Ellis, We are great thinkers. My unique background unlocks the ebb & flow, give & take mystery of success in commercial business activities. I can see things that others can't.

At each stop in my corporate career, I rubbed shoulders with senior management and rose to senior levels myself in diverse environments. Each of these firms and years of experience applying & testing Provided a wealth of expertise & experience. At one stop, the team he led introduced the mag stripe card & digital transactions to the World marketplace. We thought we were solving banking’s paper problem. He was promoted to senior positions at a very young age. After learning everything he could, he left the corporate world and went into private practice where he honed his skills as an advisor.

My ranking on the big traits.

  1. My Intellect is in the top percentile.
  2. My Exponential experience is in the top percentile.
  3. My Performance is in the top percentile.

This gives me the ability to see more patterns, have a richer capacity for convincing a client, and probably a more finely tuned ability to integrate disparate, unique ideas. Also see Intellect, Experience & Expertise.

  • Introduced first wide-spread digital transactions to the world marketplace.
  • Solved paper problem for banking industry drowning in paper.
  • Awarded ‘Excellence in Business’ award for the first commercial application of self-sealing envelopes.
  • First to recognize in 2008 that 99% of privately owned businesses pay more tax than the law requires.
  • Developed The Law of Human Performance.
  • Developed the concept of Exponential Experience.
  • Leading the business tax industry into the 21st century.
  • First thinker regarding systems & processes replacing talent because talent is so hard to find.
  • First to recognize fundamental change in US tax policy >> writing laws for the computer rather than humans.
  • First to recognize IRS emphasis switching to penalties from audits to police compliance.
  • First to recognize Trump strategy for governing.
  • Developed a stable of proprietary tax cutting strategies.
  • Developed unique structures to protect business owners & their vital business assets from nefarious lawsuits, etc.
  • Developed unique uses of intangible assets to cut tax and protect vital business assets.
  • Developed the concept of dual tax systems in the United States.
  • Developed formula for best business model.

In 1988, Shoshana Zuboff said, "Everything that can be automated, will be automated." In 2011, Mark Andreessen said, "Programming is eating the world." It’s inevitable. No on can stop this. We expect the CPA tax profession will be extinct within a decade. Caused by a combination of Automation & The Theory of Human Performance.

We compete against firms performing a clerical service: filling out tax forms. That's why we have been reinventing tax practice in the tumultuous 21st century to deliver genuine value. Long ago we positioned ourselves as a problem solving source. Our fast response virtual business model is the future.

Ellis is a premium firm operating at high levels. We exist to make business lucrative, cut costs, cut tax, build wealth & help carve your mark on the universe. Our unique services are ideally suited to the 21st century's complex business environment. From our home in the cloud, our unique solutions to common business problems create competitive advantage out of thin air. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, working capital, profits and competitive advantage.

  • Tax Strategy: we will cut your taxes. Easily measured, concrete results.
  • Consulting: we’ll align your business for success.
  • Business Structures: 1% of businesses are structured properly.
  • Intellectual Assets: recognize, document & protect intellectual assets..
  • Interstate Taxation: we’ll figure out the best solution for you in this rapidly changing area.
  • International Taxation: Opportunities to cut tax significantly exists in the international arena.
  • CFO Services: we do everything Access to top notch, experienced executives.
  • Business Services: Everything else, except financial audits.

This unusual service package comes from our principal’s unique background.

We serve closely held mid-cap & small public businesses. We do a lot of things better than most practices, but tax strategy made us famous and grew us from a speck on the wall into a national practice with clients in 46 states and several countries. For everything we do, check out our web site: https://elliscpa.us. 

Renowned Tax Strategist

I have a reputation as a renowned tax strategist with multiple proprietary tax strategies and the ability to craft tax strategy custom designed to fit your particular business circumstances. Historically, we've saved tax for 99% of our business clients and their owners. Tax savings are more powerful than profits because they are tax free. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as another dollar of cash, working capital, profits & competitive advantage. Many businesses and their owners save large amounts of tax every year due.completely to tax strategy. This is our trademark. It's what made us famous.

Most tax firms just fill out the forms.

Steve Jobs Was Right

After coming across a number of articles about Pareto charts of achievement, I developed The Definitive Theory of Human Performance.. Here are some of the startling results. ONLY four tenths of one percent (4/1000) (0.004) (0.4%) of any profession from tax professionals to professional baseball players perform better than 50% on performance. Only 19 out of 400,000 perform better than 90%. Whether you are talking about home runs or saving taxes, it’s the same story. In other words, all the top talent lies in the outliers in the top end of the performance scale. Check it out at Steve Jobs Was Right.

First Virtual Tax Firm

I created the first virtual, distributed tax & accounting firm with its home in the cloud. Today we have an international practice with clients in 46 states and clients in several countries. Ellis CPA.

Fully Automated Business Tax Service

QwkTax. We also have in development, the first on-line fully automated business tax system in in the country. We expect QwkTax to be successful on a national scale.

  1. QwkTax: http://qwktax.com. In development.
  2. Pitch-deck & Business Plan. bizztrategy.com.
  3. LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/elliscpa

Ellis Three Pronged Expertise.

We chart three things in performance. Intelligence, human performance & experience. Here are my charts, but everyone in our practice charts similarly.

Robert Ellis

  • ·        Mensa
  • ·        Genius IQ
  • ·        Graduated at the top of his class every time
  • ·        Big 5 Accounting. AA&Co World’s largest at the time..
  • ·        2 Fortune 500 C suites: Great Western United Inc & Mastercard.
  • ·        Attempted to LBO my employer
  • ·        Candidate for Congress
  • ·        Private practice: virtual firm with distributed workforce.
  • ·        Big 5 Accounting
  • ·        Big 5 Consulting (Andersen Consulting, Accenture)
  • ·        Fortune 500 Exec
  • ·        Top % IQ
  • ·        Top % aptitude
  • ·        Wall Street Journal Achievement Award
  • ·        Citation for Excellence
  • ·        Presidential Citation
  • ·        CPA
  • ·        CGMA
  • ·        Elite Performer
  • ·        Colorado license number 1998
  • ·        Colorado firm number 6613

Hilary Soria, Operations Manager, Co-Founder

  • Top Percentile Performer
  • MA
  • MBA
  • CEO
  • COO
  • Elite Performer

Ellis CPA