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21st Century Crisis

Private firms & their owners pay more tax than the law requires.

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Tax strategy, scaling & creativity make rapid growth sustainable.

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Our purpose is to protect privately owned firms from the ravages of the marketplace.

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We are America’s premier tax strategist, beating the odds & making it easier for you to succeed. Did you know only 1 biz in 10,000 grows large (SBA)? We deliver solid value to improve those odds & help you succeed in two areas: Tax Strategy & Scaling by Intent.

Tax Strategy. We will cut your taxes. We cut tax for 99% of private biz & their owners. In the last eight years we saved millions of dollars for thousands of biz. Every dollar saved drops straight to the bottom line as cash, profits & competitive advantage created out of thin air. You can’t scale if you’re wasting dollars on tax.

Scaling. One biz in 10,000 grows large (SBA). Long odds. Hard work. Nobody scales by mistake. Our approach is the quantum physics of management. But after breaking it down into segments we call our Service Package, it’s easily manageable. Our service package provides methods, systems & solutions to guide you step by step through the entire process. Once you’ve got it, it’ll come naturally, and it’ll be with you the rest of your life.

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State tax strategies
International tax strategies
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The Ellis Story
Ellis CPA is the first of a new breed of high performance, cloud based virtual firms; disrupting the tax & advisory professions from our home in the cloud; replacing mediocre talent with dedicated specialists, systems and powerful cloud based technologies.

We are a talented, high intellect firm with deep expertise in our service areas. See the definitive study on human performance, below.

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Comfort. Don’t worry. We’ll make you comfortable. The first half of my career was spent with the largest tax & consulting firm in the world & two Fortune 500 C suites. I led the team that introduced digital transactions into the marketplace. Scaled like a rocket.