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Private firms & their owners pay more tax at higher rates than the Global 500.

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We will cut your tax to the legal minimum,
we will improve your odds of success &
it’ll probably cost you nothing,

because we generally save more than it costs.
Sometimes a lot more.

Relationships start on a foundation of results, not backslapping promises. At Ellis we produce results. Our primary focus is cutting taxes, not by pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but through effective tax strategies that deliver tax savings year after year. Everything we do, from tax strategy to corporate structure, we do well & effectively. Our clients refer clients who refer more clients.

Businesses are complex systems. The bigger your business, the more complex it is. I have dealt with complex systems from the Global 500 to the corner drugstore for a very long period of time, and I’ve dealt with people who’ve dealt with complex systems for a long time. One thing is clear, there’s a difference between someone who will make a complex system better, and someone who will make it worse.

Most people will make a complex system worse. Most professionals working with businesses do not make them better by advancing their goals, but make them worse by hindering their efforts. Most successful businesses became successful despite the best efforts of their paid professionals. We recognize this & go to great effort to advance your goals and do no harm.

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