Results Based Relationships

Relationships are built on a foundation of results, not backslapping promises. Each new relationship begins by learning your personal & business circumstances, performing tax analyses & developing tax strategies. Our primary focus is cutting tax, not by pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but through effective tax strategies that deliver tax savings year after year. You’d be surprised what strong relationships that builds.

Business are complex systems

Complex business systems are composed of smoothly interacting functions. If they’re disrupted, the entire system can crash. I've worked with thousands of complex businesses from the Global 500 to the corner drug-store and I’ve observed other professionals work alongside me. One thing is obvious. There's a difference between a professional that will help your business and one that will harm it. Most will inadvertently harm it.

To succeed, you may have to overcome the best efforts of your paid professionals.

Join the Team

Ellis is not your dad's CPA firm. It's a creative, tax strategy powerhouse. We are among the vanguard of a new breed of cutting edge, high performance virtual firms using a distributed workforce to disrupt the tax & advisory professions with tax strategies, dedicated specialists & powerful cloud based technologies from our home in the cloud. We have significant clients worldwide and as we expand our reach, we are looking for talented professionals who want to help us reinvent the tax & accounting profession from the cloud.